Can MBA help me become a better entrepreneur?


In the long run, I have a plan to start my own business how can having an MBA will help me grow my business.

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  1. It does. I am an entrepreneur with several successful exits (and more failed startups) and I can tell you that MBA made me understand how things went and explained many of the successes and failures. I am now more aware of cost structure, revenue streams, HR strategies, marketing planning and so on.


    Now, at least, I can prepare the business plan and see if it is good enough to proceed.

  2. MBA can definitely help you become a better entrepreneur because while you are pursuing your degree you learn from your role models who teach you on the basis of what has already been done by the professionals, they provide you with the case studies in order to help you understand better and also help build your confidence in problem-solving situations.

    It provides the students with the ability to solve problems and also give new ideas, and the environment in which you are studying gives you the opportunity to think out of the box and also expand our ideas.

    Failure is a part of every business it is a part of the deal when you are starting your own business in MBA you are also taught how to deal with that failure and also how to avoid those failures. There are a lot of practicals involved in which you are asked to think creatively and practically that is tested if that idea would work or not.

    So an MBA is a whole learning experience for you in which there are a lot of things are taught keeping in mind every area.

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