Does it help to read sample essays and then write your own?


Is it worth reading some sample essays before writing one yourself?

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  1. Writing an MBA essay can be a daunting task, especially since you probably never written one. If you are just starting to write that first essay of the first school you will be applying to, you may be feeling a bit lost and unsure about where to begin with. Reading some sample essays can help you. But remember that these sample essays are good for the person who wrote it. They may not be applicable to you and your story. So, read it just for general knowledge and avoid using it in a serious way.

    And keep one thing in mind, do not copy any part of the sample essay. There are very sophisticated softwares that can point out if something has been copied online. These programs can give you details about what words were copied and from which website. Getting caught in something of that sort will instantly end your chance of getting into that school, and you may perhaps be blacklisted elsewhere too. So, read sample essays only for general idea and knowledge.

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