Full time MBA or Part time MBA?


Shall I go for a full time program or a part time program?

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  1. There are many MBA program options offered these days. There is a Full time program, a Part time program, and Evening program, an Executive program. Each of these have their own benefits and limitations. So, you must understand them well and then select the appropriate program depending on your personal situation.

    The full time MBA program is typically a 2 year program designed for job/career changers. It requires you to quit your job and join the program full time. There is no simultaneous work and study. This program is also suitable for someone straight out of undergraduate school, because the two year full time program goes in depth academically. It allows someone who has no background in accounting/finance to learn those subjects at a steady pace.

    The part time MBA program is meant for professionals who are working and yet want to advance their careers at the same company or in the same industry/function. Most of these programs are either during the weekends or during the evenings, when students would come in after they have attended their office.

    So understand the structure of the various programs and pick your program wisely.

  2. That’s a great question which many people struggle with. It all depends on where you are in your life and career?

    If you are currently in a full-time job with good prospectives, than a part-time MBA is the way to go. You will be earning, gaining experience and improving your educational background.
    However, if you have not yet started to climb the corporate ladder than a full-time MBA which usually lasts 1-2 years (depending on location), might be the best option

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