How does an INSEAD MBA program compare to a Harvard or Wharton MBA program?


How does INSEAD stand against Harvard or other top US MBA programs?

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  1. INSEAD and European programs in general have gained more brand visibility over the past few years. INSEAD is consistently ranked as one of the top MBA programs in the world, and definitely the top MBA program in Europe. It is also a great school for recruitment in the consulting industry.

    The INSEAD MBA class is known to be very international and there is a guideline to know a 3rd language besides your mother tongue and English. This makes the classroom environment very different from an American majority classroom. The average age of the class also tends to be a little higher than Harvard or Wharton.

    Harvard on the other hand is Harvard. Its reputation can be noticed across all corners of the globe. Its alumni run most of the world’s large corporations. Same goes for Wharton in the finance world.

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