How to answer the question of why MBA in your admissions essay?


How to best answer the question of why MBA?

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  1. Why you want to do an MBA is perhaps the most commonly asked question in the MBA admissions essay. It is also something which will be asked in the admissions interview. Hence, you will have to polish this answer of yours and memorize it, as you will have to repeat this answer at several places and occasions.

    First, you must talk about your past. How you grew up, what your education was, why you chose that field, then what work you did. In that work, either you faced an inadequacy at some stage which prompted you to get an MBA, or you just wanted to switch careers and know more about business. There could be many other possibilities here, but basically you are looking for a reason which sparked the idea of getting an MBA. You also want to mention what you long term goal is, and how the MBA can help you get there. Also mention why now is the best time to get the MBA.

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