How to select which MBA programs to apply to?


How to go about selecting schools to apply to?

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  1. Selecting schools is one of the most anticipated activities of prospective MBA students. Business schools are doing everything they can to market themselves, whether it is having a presence on social media, organizing events, participating in education fairs, etc. And the most significant marketing tool is the rankings.

    Because of these marketing activities, students tend to look at the rankings more than anything else. But, it may be better to study the programs on a more deeper level. Explore what kind of electives are offered and who the professors are. You must also look at unconventional courses and activities offered by schools in certain areas of interest. For example, if you are interested in asset management, then you may want to consider a school which runs a stock fund that students can manage. While rankings should be one criteria, other things like course offerings, location of the school, companies that hire, professors, etc. should be given more importance.

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