Is forming a study group a good idea?


My classmates form their own study groups during the MBA, should I also join one?

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  1. Many schools formally make you part of a study group. In other schools which do not do this process, it is common to find students form their own group to prepare for cases and homework. Some students like this idea of a study group, while some do not. Some students are very competitive and feel that the study group may compel them to share their good ideas. All the points for and against the study groups are subjective, and so whether to form such a group or not completely depends on you. Some students perform better on their own, while some do better in groups.

    If you do decide to form a group, make sure that it has students from different sections. This will ensure that your idea isn’t “stolen” and used in class the next day. It will also allow for good knowledge share as different sections may have different experiences. Also make sure that your group has students from diverse backgrounds, which are dissimilar to yours. Most of the time, study groups are made up of students who are similar and will agree with what each one thinks. That kills the whole point of a study group, because you want to test your arguments with people who will most likely disagree with you, rather than be a yes man.

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