Is there an alternative degree to an MBA in Finance?


What is an alternate degree to a Finance MBA?

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  1. MBA in Finance will probably interest someone who intends to work in finance. So, one needs to first evaluate what kind of background gets you into a finance role. The background could be a Chartered Accountant, a CFA, MBA or an MS in Finance.

    Now the question that really needs to be answered is, what is your goal. What kind of finance job are you looking for, and what kind of sub-industry within finance are you targeting. An MBA degree is a general business degree and will give you knowledge of other business areas besides finance. The MS, CFA and CA on the other hand are very specialized degrees which probably do not talk about marketing, entrepreneurship or HR. So, there is a big difference between a “generalist” MBA degree and a “specialist” CFA or MS degree. So, an alternative to an MBA Finance depends on your goal.

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