Studying MBA, What is it like?!


If I decide to go study MBA, what do I expect?

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  1. When you successfully complete this MBA degree, you become a good decision maker and a pressure handler who has great knowledge of finance, marketing, economics, sociology and various other disciplines related to the business management. MBA degree enhances your chance to get success in your job as well as in business, as most of the global companies look for the knowledgeable managers who earned this degree from a prestigious institution.

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  2. In this MBA degree program, you will find a bunch of multi-section subjects or we can say course works which are having the essence of various business areas like accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and statistics, as we can say them as the core subjects of the MBA program. Except for the core subjects, here, you will find most of the programs include elective courses which cover different kinds of specific businesses like IT, Hospitality, Brand Management etc.
    In the duration of this MBA program, you will find a number of options to complete this unique course, as there are mainly two options, Part Time MBA and Full Time MBA. Full-time MBA course runs for two years and the course structure is designed according to the week days regular classes and in the case of Part Time MBA, you can complete your course in the evening hours, weekend hours etc. Here the duration of the course is about 3-4 years. But today, you can find one more option to do this course, as you will an Executive MBA program which is designed for the working people from any kind of private/government organization, who want to enhance their management skills to get a higher position in the company. The duration of the course is same as in the case of Full-Time MBA program on regular basis. Here, in this case, you need to have around 10 years work experience to get admitted into this course.

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