What are some ways to finance an MBA?


How to finance my MBA?

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  1. MBA can be a very expensive degree. Tuition is high, and living expenses, rent, books, laptop, travel, etc. can all add up to large sums. So, you need to have a strategy of how you will finance your degree before you even begin applying. This planning is really important and should not be taken lightly.

    The best way to finance an MBA is a scholarship. If you are one of the bright students and are lucky enough to bag a significant scholarship, then there is nothing like it. If that is not the case, then try to get a grant of some sort from a local trust, or a community organization that helps students. You can also try to get a fellowship where you do research for a professor in exchange for some financial aid. You can also supplement this with a part time job or an internship, though this will be extremely challenging in terms of finding enough time in an already packed schedule.

    Lastly, you always have the bank loan, or you can try the three F’s: Family, Friends and Fools.

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