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How important is having work experience prior to an MBA? Will it make any difference in the final placements?

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  1. There are 2 perspectives to this question. First is the logical option of having had a good amount of work experience before going for an MBA. In this case, the obvious benefits are that you have a deeper understanding of how the real world company functions, what some of the practical challenges are, and what you want to do professionally after getting your MBA. In terms of the actual MBA coursework, you will be able to better relate to various case studies because you can recall some of your own experiences. And from a job perspective, you will have a very concrete idea of what you like and don’t like, and that can help you clearly communicate during your interviews and job applications.

    Now on the other hand, a few business schools (including the top ranked ones) have admitted students straight out of undergraduate education. These are students with no work experience whatsoever, but they may be exceptional talents in many other fields, such as sports, or academic brilliance. Not having the “real world” experience can be a good thing too because it means that student just wants to learn as much as he/she can and isn’t biased by any previos experience. They have a totally different way of seeing things and that can bring diversity of thought and ideas in a classroom discussion. However, it must be said that this group of students is very rare and minuscule when compared to the more “traditional” profile.

  2. From my studying experience, fresh graduates suffered much while trying to understand and interpret the class material. Having no experience in business and in the market, it is difficult for someone to follow up and get engaged in business administration study. Prior experience is needed.

  3. Working prior to MBA can be useful to you, only if it is in the business industry. Your work experience should be relative to the specialization you take in MBA. Benefits that you can attain from prior experience are:

    You’ll be confident among others, as you understand the business industry better.
    You would have a better clarity about where you want to be in the organization.
    You’d be preferred by the organization for the placements, as you have a better understanding of the work culture.
    Hands on practical knowledge can help you in learning with a practical approach.
    You’d have better Public relations and contacts due to the prior experience.
    You can easily attain internships in the future.

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